fPET 2018


Save the date for May 30-June 1 of 2018!

The Forum on Philosophy, Engineering and Technology (fPET) 2018 will be a conference dedicated to a deeper engagement between philosophy and engineering practice. It will occur May 30-June 1 of 2018 at the University of Maryland, College Park, in Maryland, near Washington DC, USA

There will be three tracks:

  • philosophy of engineering and technology,
  • ethics in engineering and technology, and
  • reflections from (or case studies on) engineering practitioners.

There will be one keynote speaker on each theme. We are working with keynote speakers to make their thoughts and ideas accessible to other disciplines, helping to bring together speakers from diverse disciplines. 

A request for papers will be issued in late 2017 based upon these three tracks. We are keen on having analysis that engages with the richness of engineering practice and  the conceptual and ethical issues that occur therein. We hope to have an audience of engineers, philosophers and other humanities, policy, and social science scholars and practitioners in attendance. 

We will also hold an artistic exhibition that helps to put engineering in a broader philosophical context.

Please see the rest of the site for more information, including how to 'Join the Conversation!'

lh2 tank.jpg

Image of a liquid hydrogen tank for use in deep space exploration (NASA).